Best Season to Visit Greenland

If you want to go dog sledding and see the Northern Lights (Aurora Borealis), it is of course in the winter when there is snow for sledding and dark skies for the Northern Lights.
If you want midnight sun, hiking and sailing trips, it is best in the summer months, when all this is possible. The days are longer and you have more opportunities for diverse experiences.

What is there to see in Greenland?

If you ask a tour leader who has travelled all over Greenland for several years, he / she would probably answer South Greenland. There are many good hiking opportunities and the sheep farms are amazing to stay overnight and thus be close to the locals.

If you are wondering about icebergs and the midnight sun, Disko Bay is the best option. Disko Bay contains everything that typically appears on television about Greenland. It’s incredibly beautiful here, with many whales during summer and magical light illuminating the huge icebergs.

And then there is also beautiful East Greenland. True culture meets modern life.

How do you get to Greenland?

There are flights from Denmark and Iceland.
From Denmark it is currently only with Air Greenland.
From Iceland flights are with Air Greenland and Air Iceland.
It only takes about 4½ hours from Copenhagen to Kangerlussuaq or Narsarsuaq.
From Iceland it takes 2-3 hours, depending on where in Greenland you are going.

How do you get around Greenland?

There are no roads or railway lines between the towns and villages, so you either sail or fly from place to place. This is possible all year round, however some places are just a little more difficult to reach than others.

When are the Northern Lights / Aurora Borealis in Greenland?

This phenomenon occurs year-round but is visible only in dark clear skies.
In Greenland its best viewed in autumn and winter.

When is summer in Greenland?

June, July and August as in the rest of the Northern Hemisphere.

Where do you see whales in Greenland?

There are whales everywhere in Greenlandic waters, but you have the most opportunities to see them in Disko Bay and in the Tasiilaq area.
The most visible and photographed species is the humpback whale, which is very active during the summer months, even until September.

When are there mosquitoes in Greenland?

In June, July and August there are mosquitoes in Greenland. In August there are also small flies. In September, both mosquitoes and flies are gone.

What to pack for a holiday in Greenland?

As a rule: sensible, seasonal and layer-on-layer.
See our packing list here for summer

See our packing list here for winter