Tasiilaq is located almost at the end of a fjord, opposite high mountains.
Just like the locals, you’ll never tire of looking out the window. Almost all houses overlook these mountains on the other side of the fjord.

Tasiilaq’s bright colourful houses make it difficult not to fall in love with this small-big city.
It is probably Greenland's most hilly city, which means countless different viewpoints across the city.
Tasiilaq is East Greenland’s main city and is part of the community of Sermerersooq.
Unlike other cities in the region, Tasiilaq is experiencing population growth, as many citizens from the surrounding settlements and further north, move to the "big city" for security, schooling and professional reasons.

There are approx. 2,100 inhabitants and Tasiilami Alivarpi is one of the largest primary schools in Greenland, with approx. 400 students. On average, more children are born in East Greenland than in West Greenland, so 25 % of the inhabitants are under 18 years old.

Although Tasiilaq is south of the Arctic Circle, dog sledding is permitted here due to the isolation from West Greenland. You can go dog sledding during winter.
In summer you can do boat excursions in the beautiful fjords and to surrounding settlements.

Dog sledding: Yes (winter)
Midnight sun in summer: No, but it´s bright 24 hours a day
Northern Lights (Aurora Borealis): Yes, in a dark sky and with suitable atmospheric conditions

For excursions from Tasiilaq, please contact Greenland by Topas on +45 7370 9339