Terms of Trade at Greenland by Topas

We comply with the following travel conditions.

It is your sole responsibility to agree to and accept the following conditions prior to departure. Furthermore, as a traveller, you have an obligation to read and, if necessary, print all relevant information and tickets regarding the journey.


You can book your trip online via our website or contact us by email or phone.
There is a booking fee of DKK 145 (approx. 20 Euro).
If possible, additional booking fees are not charged.
Note that you must have access to the internet in order to receive your departure information and print your travel documents.

Once you have booked a trip with Topas, we confirm your booking by sending an email with a link and password to your personal page "My Topas Travel". Please note that all communications relating to the journey are only sent to the first mentioned person on the booking, who should notify all fellow travellers.
All relevant information regarding your travel (invoice, trip description, package list, departure information, tickets etc.) can be found on "My Topas Travel": www.minrejse.topas.dk 
You must therefore print these documents yourself for your journey. Remember to inform Topas of any changes to your e-mail address before departure.

Flights and other travel documents will be available on "My Topas Travel" approx. 10 days before departure. IT IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY TO PRINT THE TRAVEL DOCUMENTS AND CARRY THEM FOR THE DURATION OF THE TRIP.
Topas reserves the right to terminate the agreement. Topas will inform the customer as soon as possible, but no later than 3 working days after the order has been received. Any payments made will be refunded.


Before booking, we will ask you if you want to take out cancellation insurance. The cancellation insurance must be signed at the time of booking the trip and paid together with the deposit. The cancellation insurance cannot be cancelled or purchased after the deposit has been paid. Click here to read more about "Cancellation Insurance"


We accept Dankort, Visa Card, Maestro, Visa Electron and Mastercard. There is no cancellation fee. Deposit must be paid at time of booking / agreement. The balance is due no later than 60 days before departure. Credit card fee is paid by Greenland by Topas, however, not by payment with company cards and cards issued outside the EU / EEA countries.


When you book a trip with Topas, you will automatically receive reminders about payment and miscellaneous info on "My Topas Travel" by giving your e-mail address.
When booking your trip, you will also automatically be registered to receive our newsletter. The newsletter will be sent unless you unsubscribe.

Reminders by email will be forwarded according to the following schedule:

  • For booking and payment of deposit: Mail with link and password to the "My Topas Travel" page.
  • 65 days before departure: Mail will be sent with reminder of the last payment date for the balance for your trip. (Due date is 60 days before departure).
  • 60 days before departure: Itinerary and various departure information will be available on the "My Topas Travel" page.
  • 10 days before departure: Flight tickets and other travel documents can only be printed if the full amount of the trip has been paid.

You have provided your e-mail address for use when sending reminders regarding payment, updates etc. on "My Topas Travel", and you are responsible for informing us if there are any changes to your e-mail address.


We recommend that you purchase a comprehensive travel insurance policy, which covers transport home in case of illness / accident and delays in case of flight / ship delays.

Travellers with Greenland by Topas must have signed a travel insurance policy by trip departure. Travel insurance must be purchased in the country of residence. On the "My Topas Travel" page, where you can also pick up your tickets / vouchers and pay the balance, you can enter your insurance data. This will help us in the event of an accident.


All travellers must complete all formalities in order to meet the requirements of the country you wish to enter. This means that you must ensure that you bring a valid passport, containing a visa if required, and have compulsory vaccinations and other conditions that we have indicated are necessary for the trip.
If it is not possible to obtain the necessary visas for the trip, there will be no reimbursement from Greenland by Topas.
Please note that it is your responsibility to state the correct names of all travellers when booking. This must be the exact names as stated on the passport and must match the name given on your booking and subsequently on the invoice sent. The cost of issuing a new air ticket is borne by the traveller. It is your responsibility to log in to the "My Topas Travel" page to get relevant travel information and print tickets before departure.


The price of the trip is calculated on the basis of applicable tariffs, taxes and exchange rates. Therefore, Topas reserves the right to make price increases caused by changes in transport costs (e.g., fuel prices), taxes, fees (e.g., airport or landing charges) or exchange rates used for calculation of the price of the trip in question. If the price is increased by more than 10%, the customer is entitled to cancel the trip and receive paid amounts refunded. However, it is a condition that you notify Topas of the cancellation immediately after you have been informed of the price increase.


Topas Travel limits the liability for air transport to the sums stipulated in the Warsaw Convention. For maritime transport according to the sums provided for in the Athens Convention and for rail transport sums laid down in the COTIF / CIV Convention.


We are a member of the Travel Guarantee Fund under member number 899 as well as the Danish Travel Agency Association and the Package Travel Appeals Board.


Any complaints must be made during the trip to Topas. A written complaint must be submitted no later than 3 weeks after returning from the trip. In all actions against Topas, Danish law shall be applied. Complaints that cannot be settled by the Package Travel Board shall be settled by the Danish Maritime and Commercial Court under Danish law. As a member of the Danish Travel Agency Association, we always follow the Package Travel Board's decision regarding a possible complaint.

As a result of membership of the Danish Travel Agency Association, the travel agent is obliged to comply with orders from the Package Travel Board, unless the board of directors of the association gives an exemption from this requirement because the order is requested for a Danish court, as per the articles of association.


The fare includes the transportation, airport tax, passenger tax, contribution to the Travel Guarantee Fund, accommodation and transfer between airport / port and hotel.
Information on meals and possibly additional services are listed in the tour description.


If travelling alone, you will be charged a single room supplement. This surcharge may vary a lot in the price, but always appears on the tour description and when you book the trip.


For individual trips (not group trip / group ticket), airline tickets and other transport tickets will most often be issued immediately or within 72 hours. Therefore, a deposit will typically be up to DKK 10,000 per person (approx. 1340 Euro per person).

At the time of deposit, you must confirm that you have read and accepted the Topas terms and conditions as well as the attached general terms and conditions of the Danish Travel Agency Association, which is applicable unless otherwise stated.

Furthermore, it is your own responsibility to verify that all the information listed on your personal page such as name, destination, date and departure airport is correct. You MUST notify Topas immediately of any discrepancies between the requested and ordered arrangements, no later than 3 working days after confirmation has been submitted by Topas.


If you cancel your trip more than 60 days prior to departure, your deposit is lost.
If you cancel your trip between 60 and 45 days prior to departure, 50% of the trip price is lost.
If you cancel your trip less than 45 days prior to departure, the total price of the trip is lost.


A trip may be cancelled by unpredictable or external circumstances beyond the control of Topas. In such a case you will be entitled to a refund of the amount paid for the trip, without any additional compensation.


When the deposit on a trip is paid and airline tickets and / or other transport tickets are issued, it is not possible to change names, travel dates, route or refund the tickets afterwards.


Due to the variable weather conditions in Greenland, there can be delays / changes in flight and ship departures. It is therefore important that you provide your mobile phone number when booking the trip so that you can be informed. If the trip duration is extended due to delays / changes, Topas does not cover extra costs and we therefore recommend that you have travel insurance cover for delays and cancellations.

If you have purchased excursions or other events and these cannot be completed within the duration of the trip, Topas will refund the amount paid for the purchase after returning.
Greenland by Topas is a division of Topas Travel. Therefore, our terms are almost identical to Topas Travel. However, there are a few exceptions as Greenland by Topas differs slightly.
Topas Travel arranges group travel with tour guide. At Greenland by Topas, you will typically be on your own, unguided and tailored travel, unless otherwise agreed.