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In Qasigiannguit the Midnight Sun shines around the clock during summer, and in winter the Northern Lights (Aurora Borealis) dance in the night sky.

Qasigiannguit city walk with guide

A very interesting trip through our beautiful city of Qasigiannguit. We begin with a tour to the local museum, where you can see the amazing collection of material from the periode when Inuit people where living in Greenland, more than 4000 years ago.

On our city tour we pass by the heliport, the powerplant, dog places, the city school, town hall and the city center. The trip provides a good insight into life in the Arctic and what it takes to make the city come alive. On the tour, the guide will tell about the history of the city from the colonial era to now.

Price: 280, - DKK pr. pers. - Time: 2 hours - Difficulty: 1

Hike to Paradise Bay with guide

A beautiful hike to Kangerluluk, also known as the Bay of Paradise. On the way we pass the ancient ruins of the first houses from the colonial era as well as Bing's cave. From the hiking trail there is a nice view back to the city with the colorful houses and Disko Bay in the background.
We hike all the way down to the beach in Paradise Bay and then return to Qasigiannguit.

Bring: Water.
Included: Coffee and tea

Price 250 DKK pr. person - Minimum 3 persons - Time: 3 hours - Difficulty: 2

Meet our sled dogs

Meet our sled dogs. Here the story about dog sledding historically and today.
Attend feeding the dogs. It will be possible to pet selected dogs.

The dog team we visit is between 30 and 40 dogs. The dogs are mainly used for driving with tourists in the winter.

Practical info: You get dirty quickly on this trip, so wear the clothes you have with you that can handle a little mud.

Price 200 DKK pr. person
Minimum 4 people.
Time: 1.5 hours - Difficulty: 1

Hike to the waterfall with guide

A beautiful hike to our waterfall in the "backyard" of Qasigiannguit. We walk along Lake Tasersuaq to the stream where the lake meets the fjord: Eqalunnguit. Here we cross the stream and continue our hike to the beautiful waterfall.

Coffee and tea are included.

Price 350 DKK pr. person - Minimum 3 persons - Time: 5 hours - Difficulty: 2-3

Qasigiannguit Museum

A very interesting local museum with exhibits about archaeology and history. The museum is housed in one of Greenland's historic wooden houses from 1734.

Whale Watching

During summer humpback whales and fin whales (but also minke whales and blue whales) head north to Disko Bay, where they feed on an abundance of food consisting of squid, shrimps and more. The area at Qasigiannguit is especially known for its vast presence of these giants of the sea, and it is not unusual to see them feeding or breaching.

Dog Sledding

The area is ideal for dog sledding because the terrain is so varied. Here you can drive your dog team among high mountains, lakes and in the impressive fjord area Tasiusaq, where 2 glacial tongues reach the fjord. Tours are organized from a few hours to multi-day trips with accommodation in a wilderness cottage.

‘Brættet’ (The Board) Market

Brættet is the place where hunters and fishermen sell their catch. It’s usually held under a simple canopy or shed protecting some benches (the brættet or board) where the catch of the day is displayed for purchase. An interesting place to visit.

Muskox Safari

At Orpissoq Fjord, approx. 30 km south of Qasigiannguit, there are a large number of muskoxen. The area is part of the Naternaq area. The muskoxen can weigh up to 350 kg, and it is an impressive sight to see these prehistoric-looking animals in the Greenlandic mountain landscape.

About Qasigiannguit

Qasigiannguit means "the place with spotted seals". This city with a population of 1,200 is beautifully located in the south eastern part of Disko Bay, 200 km north of the Arctic Circle.
This Arctic setting consists of a stunning mountain landscape to the east towards the ice cap, and to the west lies the mighty Disko Bay.

The winter landscape is best explored by dog sled or snowmobile.
In the summer months there is hiking in the mountains and sailing in Disko Bay.
The primary occupation is still hunting and fishing as it has always been.
At sea, halibut, cod, crab and shrimp are caught.
In the mountains towards the ice cap, there are reindeer and muskoxen.

Qasigiannguit is a lively city with a primary school, secondary school, Royal Greenland fish processing factory and so on.
The city was founded in 1734 when the name was ‘Christianshåb’. The population is currently approx. 1,200 people and a larger number of Greenlandic sled dogs.
A holiday in Qasigiannguit gives the traveller a unique insight into today's Greenland, with authentic experiences in both culture and nature.
You can travel to Qasigiannguit from both Ilulissat and Aasiaat.

Dog sledding: Yes (winter)
Midnight sun in the summer: Yes
Northern Lights: Yes, in a dark sky and with suitable atmospheric conditions

Round trips visiting Qasigiannguit