Cancellation insurance at Greenland by Topas

Hopefully you will not have to cancel your trip to Greenland, but if needed it can be expensive to cancel if you didn't sign up for an cancellation insurance
We recommend GOUDA cancellation insurance. This will cover expenses if you need to cancel your journey due to own or close relatives illness etc. Please read more below.

Greenland by Topas receives a commission for selling Gouda’s travel and cancellation insurance products. Note that you may already be covered via a contents insurance, your credit card or elsewhere, but be aware that the insurance cover may vary.

Conditions no. 722

Please note

Words and terms in italics are defined in section 15.

1. How can you be insured?

The insurance may be bought as
  1. a Gouda Cancellation Insurance – premium 6 % of the insurance amount.
  2. a Gouda Group Cancellation Insurance – premium 8 % of the insurance amount. If more than one group leader is requested, an additional premium of 2 % of the insurance amount per additional group leader is payable. The insurance you have chosen will be shown on your policy and/or participation certificate.

2. Who does the policy cover?

The policy covers persons who have bought the cancellation insurance from Gouda and whose names are entered on the policy and/or participation certificate. The individual person is referred to as the insured in the following.

3. When must the policy be bought?

The policy must be ordered and paid at the time the travel is ordered, but no later than on payment of the deposit to the tour operator, hotel, transport company or other supplier of a tourist service.

4. Policy period

The policy provides cover from the date of payment of the policy until departure from Denmark. Departure from a place other than Denmark shall only be covered if this is stated in the policy. In the case of travel within Denmark, the policy provides cover up to departure from the insured’s home.

5. What costs does the policy cover?

The policy covers the part of the cost of the travel which applies to the individual insured and which the tour operator under the common terms and conditions of travel is entitled to in the case of an event covered by the policy.
If the travel has been individually arranged, the policy covers prepaid, non-refundable costs for transportation, accommodation and other tourist services.
Regardless of the above, the policy cover is up to a maximum of the purchased insurance amount stated in the policy document, participation certificate and/or insurance terms and conditions. This shall also apply to coverage 7.2 – Special coverage – self-drive holidays.
Gouda’s liability for compensation following a single insurance event may never exceed DKK 1 million, regardless of the number of policies covering the same insurance event.
If the person who causes the cancellation is 75 years or older, Gouda's liability for compensation shall be limited to DKK 30,000 per person, regardless of whether the insurance amount is higher.

6. What insurance events does the policy cover?

6.1 Gouda Cancellation Insurance The policy provides cover in the event that the insured is unable to begin the travel or fulfil the main purpose of the travel as a result of
a) death or acute illness/injury suffered by the insured or accompanying family members,
b) death or acute illness/injury leading to hospitalisation of members of the insured's family other than those accompanying him or her.
c) pregnancy contracted after the purchase of the policy, when in a medical opinion, the pregnancy prevents the woman from travelling,
d) fire, flooding, break-in or storm damage in or at the insured’s private home or own business,
e) an wildcat strike at insured’s own business or fraudulent action by one or more employees in the insured’s own business immediately before departure,
f) the insured failing or, as a result of acute illness, not sitting an examination on a full-time course with student grant entitlement on which insured is enrolled, and which the insured must therefore resit. It is a condition that the travel has been purchased before the date of the examination and that the resit examination is held during the period of travel or up to two weeks after the planned return date,
g) that the insured for medical reasons is unable to receive a vaccination adopted during the policy period and which is a requirement for entry to the country which the insured is to visit,
h) employer’s unexpected notice of termination of employment or lockout of the insured. The notice of termination or lockout must occur during the policy period and later than three months prior to departure,
i) the insured starts a new job in connection with an unexpected termination of employment and this means that the insured is unable to take a holiday of the duration of the travel ordered. It is a condition that the notice of termination occurs during the policy period and that the insured has started the new job later than one month before departure,
j) divorce/separation or cessation of non-marital cohabitation within the three months prior to departure. In the case of cessation of non-marital cohabitation it is a condition that the insured and cohabitee have different registered addresses and that they have lived together (at the same registered address) for a minimum of 12 months prior to the cessation of cohabitation,
k) the insured is called up for military service or summoned as witness in a trial. It is a condition for coverage that the call-up or summons occurred after the travel was ordered and the policy was purchased,
l) that the insured as a result of acute illness arising after the purchase of the travel and the cancellation insurance, would not be covered by Gouda travel insurance during the travel and cannot obtain a prior commitment to coverage due to the illness. This cover requires that the insured has bought a travel insurance with sickness coverage from Gouda at the time of purchase of the cancellation insurance.
Fellow travellers Up to 3 fellow travellers who have bought cancellation insurance from Gouda may cancel as a result of an insurance event affecting an individual insured. The insurance also covers cancellation for one fellow traveller who has bought cancellation insurance from Gouda, provided cancellation under Clauses 7.1 a-l means that this fellow traveller would have to travel alone.
Accompanying family members If the insured is entitled to compensation under Clause 7.1 b-l, the insurance shall also cover cancellation for accompanying family members if these have bought cancellation insurance from Gouda.

6.2 Special coverage – self-drive holidays If, prior to departure from Denmark, the insured’s car is involved in an accident which is or will be covered by an ordinary Danish comprehensive insurance, the insurance shall cover the cost of hiring a replacement car corresponding to the vehicle group to which the car belongs. However, Gouda is entitled to make a larger vehicle available. The replacement vehicle will be hired with unlimited kilometres.
The replacement vehicle will be hired for a period from one day before the planned departure until one day after the planned return. It is a condition of coverage that the damage cannot be repaired before the planned starting date of the holiday.
In the case of a total loss or theft of the vehicle before departure from Denmark, the insurance will provide coverage if the replacement for the car is paid for later than 14 days before the planned departure from Denmark or has not yet been paid.
6.3 Gouda Group Cancellation Insurance Apart from the insurance events named in Clauses 6.1 and 6.2
a) the number of fellow travellers who may cancel in accordance with Clause 6.1 in respect of the death or acute illness/injury of one insured shall be increased to a total of 20.
b) the insurance covers all persons listed on the policy if a group leader (specified on the policy) is prevented from participating in the travel in accordance with Clause 6.1. However only the group leader, the person suffering the insurance event and up to 19 other fellow travellers will be covered where the group leader is prevented from participating in the travel as a result of an insurance event affecting a fellow traveller.

7. Exclusions

Exclusions The insurance shall not cover in the event that
a) The illness/injury or pregnancy giving rise to the cancellation was in existence at the time of purchase of the insurance. This exclusion shall apply even if a final diagnosis had not been made, but the illness/injury or pregnancy had only exhibited symptoms or was being investigated. However, coverage shall be provided if, within the three months prior to the purchase of the travel/cancellation insurance, the illness/injury giving rise to the cancellation had not
1) exhibited any symptoms,
2) given rise to a visit to a doctor beyond ordinary check-ups,
3) led to a change in medication or
4) caused hospitalisation.
b) The cancellation is due to a mental illness which has not led to a doctor prescribing treatment by a psychologist or psychiatrist, or to hospitalisation or medication.
c) Cancellation is notified to the travel agency or airline after the departure time.
d) The insured is able to start the travel but cancels because he or she as a result of sickness would not be covered by public travellers' health insurance or by a travel insurance bought from another company.

8. ”What should I do if….”

- If you need to use your cancellation insurance In this clause you can read what to do next if you are forced to cancel and wish to use your policy.
Illness/injury suffered by yourself, a family member or a fellow traveller: It is important that you or whoever is ill is attended to by a doctor. If the departure date is close, you must see a doctor as soon as possible – if necessary by visiting a on-call service or hospital casualty ward.
You must also cancel the travel as soon as possible with your tour operator and at the same time notify Gouda of the cancellation with the claim form and doctor's certificate.
Other cases covered by the insurance
In cases where you are forced to cancel for other reasons it is important you cancel the travel as soon as possible with the tour operator and at the same time notify Gouda of the cancellation using the claim form.
Claim form
Complete the claim form and send it to Gouda together with the doctor’s certificate, the invoice showing the travel cost, unused tickets and other relevant documentation. Forms for reporting the claim and for doctor's certificate can be downloaded from or obtained by contacting Gouda. Note: The doctor’s certificate must be completed on the form provided by Gouda. Any fees charged will not be paid by Gouda.

9. Double insurance

The travel insurance does not include claims for compensation covered by another insurance policy.

10. Subrogation

In the event of payments under this cancellation insurance, Gouda assumes all your rights, including the right to pass on unused tickets on any kind.

11. Assignment of claims

Rights under the insurance may not be pledged or assigned without Gouda’s consent.

12. Cooling-off period

Cooling-off period The following cooling-off clause applies to travel insurance with a term of more than one month:
a) In pursuance of Section 34 of the Danish Insurance Contracts Act, you are entitled to a cooling-off period.
b) The cooling-off period is 14 days. The period starts on the day on which the insurance terms and conditions were handed/forwarded to you – however, no earlier than at the time when you received information that the insurance contract had been entered into. If, e.g., you receive the insurance terms and conditions on Monday the 1st, you will have up to and including Monday the 15th. If the period expires on a holiday, a Sunday, a Saturday or on 5th June, you will have until the following workday.
c) Before the end of the cooling-off period, you must inform Gouda that you are cancelling the contract. If this information is forwarded by mail, you must send the letter before the end of the period. If you want proof that you have cancelled the contract in due time, you may send the letter by registered post and keep the certificate of posting.
Notification that you are cancelling the contract must be forwarded to: Gouda Rejseforsikring A/S, A.C. Meyers Vænge 9, DK-2450 Copenhagen SV

13. The danish insurance complaints board

. In case of disagreement between you and Gouda about the cancellation insurance, and if a second application to Gouda does not lead to a different result, you may submit a complaint to: Ankenævnet for Forsikring (Danish Insurance Complaints Board) Anker Heegaardsgade 2 DK-1572 Copenhagen V +45 3315 8900 on weekdays between 10.00 am and 1 pm The complaint must be made on a special complaints form which may be obtained either from Gouda, the Danish Insurance Complaints Board or from the Danish Insurance Information Service, Forsikringsoplysningen, Philip Heymans Alle 1, 2900 Hellerup, tlf. 41 91 91 91.

14. Venue

Legal actions against Gouda must be initiated before the City Court of Copenhagen or the Danish Eastern High Court.

15. Definitions

Definitions The definitions you will find here are the words printed in italics in the insurance terms and conditions. Please note that this section forms part of the insurance terms and conditions.
Acute illness A newly emerged illness or confirmed suspicion of a newly emerged serious illness.
Family The insured’s spouse, cohabitee, children, stepchildren, grandchildren, children-in-law, parents, stepparents, parents-in-law, brothers and sisters, stepbrothers and sisters, grandparents, brothers- and sisters-in-law.
Gouda Gouda Rejseforsikring is the Danish branch of Gjensidige Forsikring ASA, Norway 995 568 217, who carries the insurance risk. As of November 1st 2013 the activities of Gouda Travel Insurance in Denmark has been bought by Gjensidige Forsikring ASA, Norway and continues as a part of the Danish branch of Gjensidige.
Stepchildren This shall mean children who are not the biological children of the insured, where the insured is married to or co-habiting with one of the children’s biological parents, with whom the insured has been living in a family-like relation for a minimum of one year.
Stepparents Shall mean persons who are not the biological parents of the insured, but who are married to or co-habiting with one of the biological parents and with whom the insured has been living in a family-like relationship for at least one year, or who has been living with one of the insured’s biological parents for at least two years.
Stepbrothers and stepsisters Shall mean persons who are not the biological sisters or brothers of the insured, but with whom the insured is or has been living in a sibling-like relationship for a period of at least one year until the insured’s 21st year.
Fellow traveller Shall mean a person either registered on the same participation certificate/ticket as the insured or who has purchased the travel together with the insured with the intention of travelling together.
Cohabitee This shall mean a person with whom the insured is living in a marriage-like relationship and who had the same registered address as the insured when the insurance was taken out.
Departure from Denmark - by sea, when the ferry or ship leaves the port - by land, when the border is crossed - by air, when the plane is in the air.