Packing List for Greenland in Winter: October - April

Think basic and practical, but of course you should feel comfortable.

We recommend you follow the layer-on-layer principle, with clothing suitable for temperatures of -25 degrees Celsius.
On sled rides, you often sit still for long periods of time, so you’ll require an extra layer of warm clothing.
If you like to dress well when you go to a restaurant, then do so.

Your suitcase must weigh no more than 20 kg and hand luggage no more than 8 kg.

In addition to your regular clothes, we recommend:

  • Good winter boots (Sorel is good for Greenlandic conditions)
  • Good warm winter jacket
  • Good warm outer pants
  • Thermal underwear
  • Jogging pants / leggings to wear under the outer pants
  • Fleece jacket to wear under winter jacket
  • Neck warmer / scarf
  • Good winter hat (preferably not knitted - only if very tight and windproof) Cover your ears!
  • Good wind and water repellent mittens (and inner lining)

The air is extremely dry in winter, so pack intensely moisturising:

  • Body moisturiser
  • Lip balm
  • Hand cream
  • Sunscreen (April), high factor

Remember to drink more water than you would normally at home. 

Do you wear glasses?

Think about how they sit when you're out in cold temperatures. The contact with your bare skin may cause frostbite. If possible, wear contact lenses, but always carry eye drops to counteract the extremely dry air. Otherwise make sure your glasses don’t have direct contact with the skin if it’s really cold. It is important you notice this.

And additionally:

  • Earplugs (sled dogs bark loudly)
  • Pocket Binoculars
  • Map of the area you’ll be visiting (See Nordic Map Trading -

Hire of Winter clothes

It’s possible to rent winter clothes and boots in Greenland, if you are going Dog sledding or visit Iglo lodge.
  • Hire winter clothes, 250 DKK per day
  • Rent of Baffin / Sorel boots 65 DKK per day