The southernmost town in South Greenland (west) and probably the most beautifully located. Nanortalik enchants with its deep fjords and high mountains in a spectacular and unusually beautiful area.

Nanortalik is South Greenland’s adventure capital, attracting mountaineers, climbers, kayakers and extreme sport enthusiasts from around the world.
Spring time pack ice drifting from East Greenland often carries passengers – polar bears! Despite the bears are rarely seen in Nanortalik, the meaning of the city name is ‘place with polar bears’.

About 1,100 people live here, and like other Greenlandic cities, there is a fish factory, elementary school, church, children's institutions and some supermarkets.
The old town is worth a visit. Only a short walk away, you quickly sense how life was just 50 years ago. See if you can find Knud Rasmussen's face profile.

Dog sledding: No
Midnight sun in the summer: No, but long hours of daylight
Northern Lights (Aurora Borealis): Yes, in a dark sky and with suitable atmospheric conditions

Remark: Greenland by Topas do only arrange package tours. If you are visting Nanortalik with a cruiseship. Please contact your cruisemanager or a local operator for local tours and excursions.