Nice to know about Greenland

.... fish is still the biggest export product? ... the Greenlandic sled dog is the breed closest to the wolf?

The largest export products are fish and seafood

Greenlandic fish and seafood such as fish, shrimps, crabs and crayfish are exported all over the world. Check your local supermarket freezer!

The word “kayak” in English is derived from the Greenlandic word “qajaq”

The kayak is still used today in Greenland, however mostly for sport and competition.
If you’d like to try kayaking the Greenlandic way, it’s possible to go on a kayaking trip in Ilulissat, where almost everyone can participate. The instructors are skilled and safety is the top priority, of course.

The front door opens inward

Most external main doors open inwards in Greenland. This is because you must be able to open the door if heavy snow has fallen during the night, which may be up to several metres deep.

Souvenirs are not only sealskins, slippers and Tupilaks (small figures carved from bone or soapstone)

Greenland abounds with craftsmen. You’ll find interesting jewellery made from bone, horn and teeth from different mammals.
Qiviut is the Greenlandic name for muskox wool, which is warmer than sheep wool and softer than cashmere. It’s not itchy and can be washed without shrinking.
For the ultimate Greenlandic souvenir, you can buy beautiful qiviut-wool clothing such as caps, gloves, scarves, shawls, wrist warmers, jumpers and cardigans.

The Greenlandic sled dog is only found north of the Arctic Circle

Greenland’s unique sled dog is ideally suited to the harsh Greenlandic conditions and is genetically untainted by other breeds. Greenland would like to maintain this genetic purity, so it is forbidden to introduce other dog breeds north of the Arctic Circle (on the west coast) and in East Greenland. Similarly, it is not permitted to have Greenlandic sled dogs south of the Arctic Circle.
In South Greenland you’ll find working dogs on the Greenlandic sheep farms.
In Greenlandic homes there are all kinds of pure bred and mixed breed dogs as pets.

Greenland has its own special coffee with a unique story behind it – of course!

1 cup of freshly brewed strong coffee
1 part whiskey
1 part Kahlua
A few tablespoons of whipped cream
1 part Gran Marnier poured into a metal ladle – the alcohol is ignited over a candle, and while still flaming, poured into a large, long-stemmed glass.
- The black coffee represents the dark polar night
- The flame represents the beautiful northern lights
- The whipped cream represents snow

Approx. 12% of Greenland's population are Danes, and approx. 0.3% of Denmark’s population are Greenlanders

There is close relationship between Denmark and Greenland, as is evident when you’re in Greenland. The Danish Royal family have a great love for the country and are regular visitors.
Greenland is still part of the Kingdom of Denmark and the currency is the Danish Krone (DKK).

All cities and towns have electricity and heating in the houses

You still meet people in the big world who are curious about whether Greenlanders live in igloos and eat only raw meat.
Many visitors are surprised at how modern Greenland is, in contrast with the harsh and raw nature.